So today 1/1/11. Nice numbers really. Hahaha, another year goes by & a new year has come with more promises, more hopes..... more things to be done & faced.


It was a good year for me.... not much challenge actually, but still there was still ups & downs. That is life, without that, life would be sooooo boring..... but alhamdullillah... i can give myself a pat on the back... i did it well in 2010.... the achievement in my studies, is something i am so proud of myself. Finally i held a degree at 46. Yeah, Allah works mysterious way, i agreed with it... All the years goes by.... so many things happened, some good, some bad, some really painful & some really sweet. Alhamdullillah, watever i have gone thru, not just in 2010 but all those years, i feel so blessed. All those experiences in life, have made me become a better person, wiser & matured. Those experiences were part of life changing process..... i love it & will treasure all those experience forever.


So today, here we are, 1st day of 2011.... happy birthday my dearest friend Shila.... This 2011, yeah this 1st 3 months i will be busy preparing for Yana's wedding definitely, so 2011, insyallah, we will add a new member to my small family, a son-in-law in April. Hopefully everything goes well. And of cos, i am letting go my one and only child.... hopefully she will adept to her new life, be a good wife & dother-in-law.... Than after the wedding, it will be time for me to think about myself, my life....have to plan for my own future, wat to do next....

So i am really looking forward to 2011, hopefully dipanjangkan umur utk menjalani hari2 yg bakal mendatang dgn lebih tabah, sabar & yg paling penting dgn penuh ketaqwaan & keimanan.


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