Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning
This is crucial.... okey i will try to prepare my own financial planning for my retirement.
Let see if i retire at the age of 55 and i were to live up to age of 75 (normally woman have long life than man, i could be dead at the age of 80, but based from family history, 75 should be the age i leave this world. 
Monthly expenses:-
1) Food - RM 15/day x 30 days = RM 450.00     - I don't really eat much even now, this can be lesser than that. 
2) Petrol - RM 200.00 3) Utilities - RM 350.00     - I will have to unsubscribe my Hypptv so i can reduce this.
4) Medical - RM 10.00     - Government clinic & hospital only
5) Contigency - RM 200.00 Total expenses per month = RM 1,210.00
If i were to live for another 20 years after my retirement:-
           RM 1,210.00 x 12 x 20 = RM 290,400.00
What i need, a saving of minimum RM 300,000.00 before my retirement... 
So ok, starting today, i need to save more... less spend on unnecessary things especially clothes, bags & shoes... eno…


Lately these are questions asked by friends whenever i meet them:-
1) Are you still working? 2) When are you going to retire? 3) What are you going to do when you retired?  2) How many grandchildren?

On the retirement, i have few friends who are already retired, especially from government sector. How nice... how i wish i can follow their footsteps. In my case, when friends asked when am i going to retire, my answer is "yesterday". Yes, i am actually very very tired already.... maybe to add-on this, because i have been working at the same place for more than 20 years. There is no joy in it anymore... Meeting same new faces for 20 years, staring at the same wall for that long.... really tiring. How i wish i can pack-up my things and leave. But.... i am not ready yet.... not ready in terms of financially... i do not want to burden my daughter or my significant others. I just need few years to stabilized my financial situation, enough to support me, hopefully till 75 years old (if i …

Sad Postings

Some may wonder why am i bit emotional lately. My posting mostly sad & discourage.... Yeah life is not easy sometimes.... There is ups and down... Things might go our way or might not. We want something but it is just not meant for us. That is life in this world. Nothing is permanent. 
One day we wake-up in the morning, suddenly our life changed. 90 degree, 180 degree or 360 degree. Whatever it is, its Allah's way to teach us something, to remind us that in this life nothing is permanent... our happiness and sadness in this life also not permanent. So the way we face or handle every challenge, trial in this life is matter most. 
True, sometimes we just give-in & give-up and let ourselves fall and stumble. I think it is ok for awhile, to allow that, but we shouldn't prolong it until it destroy us... destroy our soul and faith.
We have Allah. Allah is always on our side.... through good and bad.... He knows better what we need and what we should have. We only need to have f…


Rindu itu...
kadang datangnya bagai tsunami
menghempas, menggulung
sebuah kesepian.

Rindu itu...
kadang datangnya sepoi-sepoi bahasa
meniup lembut, membelai mesra
sebuah kehilangan.

Rindu itu....
kadang datangnya bagai sembilu
menikam parah
menambah kelukaan.

Rindu itu....
ingin ku pendamkan saja
biar pun pedih, biar pun sakit
agar terus bersemadi di sudut hati

Rindu itu...
ingin ku humbankan jauh
bersama lara dan duka
agar tidak lagi
ku rasakan apa-apa.

Pergilah rindu...
jangan kau sapa diri ini lagi
biarkan aku
sendiri dalam sepi.

Yang Tersirat & Tersurat

Terbaca post Ustaz Pahrol Juoi di FB tentang apa yang tersirat & tersurat serta hikmah disebaliknya. Lalu terlintas di fikiran... apa yang terjadi & sedang aku lalui ini juga penuh dengan yang tersirat & tersurat. 
Bermula dari perancangan untuk ke Kuantan menghadiri majlis perkahwinan anak saudara pada 1hb. Julai 2017. Perancangan seawalnya mungkin aku tidak akan menghadiri majlis itu memikirkan anak-menantu yang tidak dapat turut serta dan aku terpaksa memandu bersendirian... tapi disebabkan rasa kurang selesa jika tidak hadir majlis berkenaan, aku tekad, x apalah memandu sendirian, tapi masih lagi bertanya-tanya sekiranya ada yang sudi menemani ku. 
Setelah bertanya pada adik2, akhirnya mendapat teman untuk ke sana... alhamdullillah. X payahlah aku memandu bersendirian... yang paling takut sekiranya aku mengantuk jika bersendirian.... 
1 hari sebelum majlis, rancangan berubah lagi.... akhirnya aku bersendirian memandu ke sana. Rupanya Allah sedang merancang sesuatu untuk k…

Turn to Allah

You know, i know, life is not always a bed of roses. Sometimes we have to face with so many uncertainties, trials & turbulence. Our life is most of the times are tested with so many things... work, people, families, marriages, money and so on.... never ending stories. No one, i think not even one soul is not tested with problems, difficulties in this life.... 
With all those trials we are facing, its shows how much Allah care for us..... it shows that Allah does not leave us alone in our affairs. Why do i say that.... because most of us during those trials,  will seek the help from our creator, the most powerful one... the one & only who can protect us, get us out from whatever situation we are in.... like it or not, after seeking elsewhere, we will finally seek THE ONLY ONE.... "Qul huwa Allahu ahad".... nowhere else we will turn, except to our creator.... no matter who you are or what religious you adopted....

But the problem with most of us.... we only seek Him duri…


Kehilangan itu.... ingin ku ratapi.. tapi entah mengapa.... tiada rasa yang hadir di hati.
Kehilangan itu... ingin ku kesali... tapi entah mengapa... rasa yang hadir seakan mensyukuri.
Kehilangan itu.... ingin ku susuli... tapi entah mengapa... kaki seolah enggan melangkah menyusuli.
Kehilangan itu... hanya ku panjat.... rasa mensyukuri... kerana aku yakin... hikmahnya pasti akan ku nikmati.
Jumaat 20 Syawal 1438