Part 2

She sat alone in the dark in the living room. The house was really quite. She had left her dearest daughter with her parents and came back alone. She need to think her next move. She has been home for few days already. Her husband has been trying to mend the damaged done. Has been apologizing since she was back. She tried really hard to accept his apologies, but she just couldn't. She really feel betrayed and cheated. 

She had done a lot for the marriage at her age. Supporting him financially when he was broke. Helping out with the household expenses where needed. Instead this is what she is getting. He cheated on her with another woman, spending all his money for another woman and leave her with all the household expenses. 

She can't even look at him. She jumped every time he touched her. She feel sick inside her whenever he came near her. 

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Her heart was totally broken. The pain was unbearable.

She closed her eyes, remembering the day she married him and the reason she married him. It was a marriage of convenience, because she wanted to leave her sister's house where she was staying at that time. They were friends and working at the same place. She liked him, but not head over heals in love with him. He was just broke-up with his girlfriend when he proposed to her. And she just accept it without really thinking. She was twenty at that time... too young to ever think of the circumstances. They only knew each other for 6 months when they got married. 

Finally she entered the other room, the room which her daughter sleeps. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Next morning, it was Sunday, they had breakfast together and finally she told him, to let her go. She can't live with him anymore, for she feel so betrayed and cheated. Whatever feeling she have for him, has gone. She just couldn't sit in the house waiting for him to come back from work when he was late without thinking that he was with another woman. She hate that kind of thought. It hurts a lot. She was going crazy with those thought. And she don't want to go crazy, she don't need to put-up with the situation when her trust for him has gone. 

He looked at her speechless. He was shocked. He did not expect her to say that. He started to apologize again and told her that he will change and leave the other woman. She shakes her head. Her tears was flowing. She left the table and walked into the room. She heard the main door open and closed. Her husband did not come back that night. 


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