Blood Test

This morning i got the blood test result which was done 2 weeks ago... before that i was so confidence that everything would be ok.... becos, i really believe in taking are of my health. I control my diet, my food intake & even exercise.... i was quite surprise when the result shows that my cholestrol level is 5.8. How can it be, 5 years ago my cholestrol was low & i have anemia. The hemoglobin in my blood cell is low... so i did serum iron test, which the result will come out next week only.

The doctor said, combine my cholestrol level & the anemic + if i have 30% blood vessel blockage (but @ the moment ECG was ok), the risk of me having heart attack is quite high. I better check-out my diet again... the cholestrol level must be reduced, if it is iron deficiency, than i have to take iron supplement.

And the doctor also mentioned about thalassemia, which caused anemia. Since i am not married & would not have anymore baby so, i don't really have to do the thalassemia test, but the doctor do advise that Yana should take the test before she is getting married. Must tell Yana this...


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