ME, MYSELF & 1 (1)

Although I may appear unpredictable to others I am actually a very complex individual who habors a clear vision of who I want to be and how I want to live.
I simply don't connect to others in the same way they do to me and I am frustrated by those who can't seem to get on with their lives in the same way that I am able to do.
My life is free from destructive or stagnant relationship.
I believe that an expression of true love for another soul is the courage to let them go to pursue their own path.
Another one of my blessings is that it simply does not occour to me to be over emotional about things or create a drama.
Forgive me if I am a bit of a fence sitter. As I am able to see so many angles of a situation, causes me to be indecisive or not to act at all.I guess I am focused on being visionary that I forget to pay attention to small details.
A Self Reflection Question - Am I allowing the DIVINE to create something good out of my challenges?
Just like any other emotion, the feeling of guilt is just a message that is sent to you in order to motivate you to take an action to resolve a problem that resulted from violating one of your values.
What have you done lately to nurture yourself, enhance your creativity and honor your soul?
The more you heal, release negative self-concepts and love and accept yourself, the more you able to BE yourself, love others, and share the amazing, beautiful, magnificent being that you truly are!
The more you depend on someone else for your happiness, the more you are bound to disappointment.
We must be vigilant not to speak falsehood. We must think about what we are saying and the possible consequences of our words before we go ahead and speak.
When we have nothing beneficial to say, silence is golden.


rotcais said…
bakpo neh cikcah
Lyana's Mum said…
Angah... klu x bpa kenal c.cah, from this post, insyaAllah u will know me, wat kind of person i am... tu pun if u want to know me better ler... if not, its ok...

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