Stop Talking During Azaan

There is no word as beautiful as Allah.
No example as beautiful as Rasulallah(SAW).
No lesson as beautiful as Islam
No song as melodious as Azan.
No charity as meaningful as Zakat.
No encyclopaedia as perfect as Al-Quran.
No prayer as perfect as Namaz.
No diet as perfect as fasting.
No journey as perfect as Hajj...

Let's realize that Islam is forever beautiful and perfect, please forward this messageto get the sawaab of passing on knowledge.

This is most common among us, most of us talk during Azaan... Read this..

The Holy Prophet(SAW) said, Stop doing everything during the Azaan,
Even reading the Quran, the person who talks during the Azaan will not
Be able to say the Kalimah-e-Shahadat on his/her death bed....


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