Just want to say something

9 more days before D Day..... the biggest problem which has been in my head for quite sometimes, alhamdullillah has settled. InsyaAllah he will be there for his daughter's akad nikah.

But somehow, there is sadness i have to face.... some of my dearest family members cannot make it to D day...... very-very sad... since last week, i received "sis sorry can't make it, but we will try to attend at least one occassion." I started to cry already. Today cry again, when my eldest sister said she might not make it too......... I have to be strong... I can only plan, but the Al-Mighty decide on everything. I have to have faith in Him.... maybe ada hikmahnya... "Ya Allah, aku mohon, berilah kemudahan & kelapangan pada keluarga ku & para jemputan ku utk menghadiri majlis kami nanti."


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