Really, i feel like it has been a very very long time since i last posted something here. Reason being, in the office.... crazily busy with all the work... the work load is really unbelieveable... trying to manage it properly... but it keep piling on my desk. never reduce..... so really no time to blogging in the office, so today manage to fill this lunch time by reading those blog i follow and put up something here.

At home, something wrong with my laptop, i cannot access blogspot website. I know, i need to reformat my lappy. Already ask my SIL to do it, but never mind. I think one of these days i will send it to the shop.

So any story i want to tell.... nothing much actually.... cos my mind at the moment, nite and day too occupied with work.... work, work, work.....

Ramadhan.... alhamdullillah, so far have not miss my terawikh yet, eventho i do it at home.... recite quran, i got the feeling, this Ramadhan i am not be able to finish the whole Quran... really sad. Since today is the 10th. day of Ramadhan, i will try harder.

Watelse.... hemmmm nothing much... just to remind everyone, dat i am still here, still breathing... just too busy dats all.

This weekend suppose to attend the iftar with x-ti.... not really sure whether to attend it or not... it's a bit far, in Shah Alam.

Will decide tomorrow, cos we have to confirm our attendance tomorrow.

10 minutes to 2 pm... outside heavy rain... my clothes will be wet again, same as yesterday.


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