On Saturday 15/10/11, while in the meeting with the residents of Taman Waja, Kuala Pilah, my hp rang.. terlupa plk nk set to silent mode... tgk2 my dear doter yg kol. Just tell her i will kol her back. After meeting dh pkl 1.30pm, kol her, she told me her PIL invited me to attend the kenduri doa selamat since they are leaving to perform Hajj next weeknd. I was panicked for a while, to bring who with me. Yelah since my doter's wedding, we have never meet-up again or converse with each other, except berkirim-salam thru my doter aje... Lgpn, i am not the kind of person who have good skills in socialising, apalagi kalau rasa kedudukan antara kita berbeza. Yelah, jauh bezanya our status. Going there, meaning, meeting all their relatives & friends, seganlah pulak. Bertekak juga lah dgn Lyana. I know i have to visit them before they leave, my plan to visit them later maybe on Monday aje.

Fikir punya fikir nak ajak sapa to accompany me, i decided to ask my dearest fren Shila, yelah nk ajak my sisters kat putrajaya tu, i know, my younger sister tu susah sikit, the other one attending her doter's convocation day. Alhamdullillah, Shila agreed to follow me. Rasa guilty jg asking her, knowing wat she's going thru now. She's a true friend, no matter how bad her situation, she will find time for friends & family. This one thing i really admire her, and i am so blessed having her as my dearest fren.

Ok, so Sunday, around 11 am both doter & SIL picked us up. Reach my besan's hse at 11.30am, x ramai pun lg org... alhamdullillah, we were not late or early. So majlis doa selamat bermula, lepas tu makan2, hemmm, my fav. masak lemak daging salai.... nk makan banyak segan ler pulak. Dh makan lepak2 kejap with my doter, hint2 jg nk balik, yelah, segan jg duk lama2. Bila jumpa my besan, cakap nk balik, she asked me to stay longer. So duduklah dulu, risau jg, takut Shila x selesa meninggalkan her family lama2. But my dearest fren ni ok je... so we all stay longer ler... smpi semua org dh balik. We all consider antara yg paling lambat balik. Sempat jg my besan bekalkan masak lemak daging salai for me... hem, malam ni baru habis makan daging salai.

Conclusion, aku ni always think yg bukan2. End-up everything ok je... x de lah apa2 yg patut dirisaukan. Whoever we are, in Allah eyes, we are all the same...


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