It's a routine for me after solat subuh, i will continue to sleep. Normally, once my head hit the pillow i will immediately fall asleep. This morning, suddenly i remembered about last nite dreams. I was at this place in the middle of the jungle, and there was a big raft and there was a small house on the raft. In the house there was one big room fully furnished. I was there with few friends & i told them, "i am going to tell my hubby about this place, maybe we can come here have a nice holiday."

This morning remembering the dreams, suddenly make me feel so sad, jauh hati somehow. Tapi jauhati dengan siapa x tau ler. Mungkin dengan diri-sendiri.... It was such a very nice and sweet dreams.... but the dreams does make me feel so empty inside, so helpless....

Shouldn't think about it so much. Anyway it was just a dream. Kata orang mimpi adalah mainan tidur.... mungkin begitu jugalah with my dream last nite.... Don't want to have a sweet dreams anymore, it just make me sad..... so DO NOT WISH ME, "HAVE A SWEET DREAM".


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