Alhamdullillah.... had  raya haji gathering this afternoon at one of fren's house, Farida . There were just 6 of us... Farida cooked laksa penang & laksa kelantan... hemmm 2 pinggan i hentam.... 

We discussed about so many things, macam biasa ler kalu berjumpa, apalagi this time around one of us is falling in love.... hahaha, at this age. But to see one of your fren find her happiness, her companion, really make me so happy for her... but nyway, of cos it is not going to be a smooth ride. But i hope she will be strong enough and make a rite decision for her future. At this age, it is not about i love u or u love me anymore, wat we need is companionship, someone who we can talk to & share our life till the end. And of cos most importantly someone who can guide us on our journey meeting Allah. I am hoping & praying this is the guy for her...... InsyaAllah fren, just do your istikharah & insyaAllah, He will guide you.

Another interesting topic we discussed was about the bad & the good of facebook.... One fren said it is bad... to me, it is up to us actually how we want to use the facebook. True there are good & bad about facebook, anyway it is called social website.... just like if we socialize outside, the effect, the influence is the same... so we choose wat we want & how we want to use it....

To me... yeah at times i did misused facebook, sometimes tend to follow my heart instead my head, posting something hurtful or giving to much information on my wall. But the good things about facebook, when i was looking for guidance, when i am a bit lost, i opened the facebook & there was, a good motivational or inspirational quotes posted by others which can boost my confidence, or make me feel better about myself. Or there was a word of wisdom from Al Quran or Hadith... to make me look at myself.... Or someone post something funny, which make me smile or laugh.... And i can share  something good & usefull also on my wall with others too. And yes, suddenly meeting long lost friends again.

To me, no matter what we do, socialize on facebook virtually or in reality, we have a choice, to misused it or otherwise. If we are looking to have a relationship, i mean an affair on facebook, it will happen definitely. Our life is our choice. Facebook or not.... we are responsible of our action and only we can allow bad things to happen to us. Not facebook or other things, like our peers, environment or whatsoever. 


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