Soon, very soon, am going to say goodbye to my love one. We have been together for 10 years. Have gone thru a lot of things together. You have been a very good listener all this while, my ramblings, my screams. Watch my tears fallen on my checks. We shared good songs, sad songs, cheerful songs. Really am going to miss you my dear KNIGHT... we have few more days together, will try to spend these left moments with you as much as possible. 

Then later, wherever you are, or whoever you will be with, take good care of yourself... i will not be there to care for you anymore.... but i will always think of you, remember you... you will always be closed to my heart. 

Goodbye my dear, my good friend, my confidante, my love... i wish you all the best... one day if our path cross, i hope i will see you still in good condition & healthy as you are now. 

GOODBYE WJL 8149..........!!!!!


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