FROM 2011 TO 2012

Hari ini dah 2/1/2012. Alhamdullillah, dgn izinNya, masih diberi kesempatan utk menjalani kehidupan ini. Semalam kedatangan 2012 disambut bersama kawan sekolah!. Actually not really, we just want to get together with those yg x attend on 17/12/11 reunion aritu. Ok ler, wlwpn x ramai. But i am a bit frustrated with the venue yg i choose. It was supposed to be hi-tea buffet, but food were so little not much choice & frankly not nice at all. That was it, will be the 1st & the last. I ate a little portion only. I felt so guilty for organising the occasion at Sultani Resto Flamingo Hotel. Anyway, luckily the companies were fun. X ramai pun, only 11 of us... but still I enjoy every single moment, hopefully others feel the same. Yang datang, Jenal, Dibah, Zarimah, Norsham, Ani, Marizan, Nik Kamaruzaman, Safar & wife & Hamzah... spt biasa, photography session is a must for us.

Lepas Flamingo, kitaorg lepak lg kat Pelita Ampang Point.... x puas je klu dh jumpa. Makan lg.....

So about last year! Ok everything went well for me.... All sweet memories aje yg tercatat di tahun 2012. Yang indah2 ada jg ler hiccup sikit2.. 

1/4/11 = My one & only child got married, meaning dat a new member to my small family & extended big family. Alhamdullillah.... And i started adepting to my life, being alone at home.... Alhamdullillah, so far so good.

Enrolled myself to kelas tajwid & Pengajian Syariah too.... learning never end....

Oh yeah, lupa, i received a M proposal end of the 2011, but then i guess i am not ready for that yet, yet or ever, only Allah knows. Anyway thanks to the proposer!

Terlupa lagi : I let go of my Satria, bye2 my dearest good friend & got a new friend WWE 8185 dearest Swifty on 15/12/11.

Hiccup = Work, feel less motivated, lazy..... i have to overcome this in year 2012. 

So welcome 2012, i hope my plan of doing master programme will be realized this year. Dah one year postponed, x blh jadi.... 

Other things : I am happy with my life now, Alhamdullillah..

Alone but not lonely
Alone but not sad
Alone but not miserable
Alone but not desperate

Alone but happy
Alone but fullfilling
Alone but contented
Alone but peaceful


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