I want to talk about dreams. How accurate are our dreams? Is it just something you have during your sleep, or could it be something related to your life or a message relay to you from Allah SWT. 

At one time, I used to dream about being weak on my both legs. I couldn't walk. I had that dreams too often, till it was really scares me, worry that one day I really couldn't walk. Now I don't have that dream anymore and I never find the answer why that dreams kept repeating for few years actually. 

Then I will always dream of my arwah father when I am feeling sad and having problems. In my dreams, he will look at me and smile. It was a very comforting dreams, it is like, he is saying "everything is going to be ok, you are going to be alright." 

And lately, I will have a dreams related to the problem I faced. Whenever I am facing with this particular issue, if thing is not going to be good or not going to be solved so soon, I would not have any dream at all. But if the problems or the issue I faced is going to end-up good, I will have a dream exactly the same as the result would be. 

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Yesterday morning, I slept after the fajr prayer, because I was not feeling well. Having bad headache, neck and shoulder pain. So I slept passed my normal waking hours. And I was having this dream, about my husband calling me on the phone and I was not able to answer. The night before that, I was actually waiting for his call, and I was telling myself, if he did not call me tonight than he will definitely call me tomorrow. And I carried that to my sleep and because of that I guess I had that dreams. But what happened is that, while I was still sleeping and the dreams was just ended, in real life, my phone rang and it was from my husband.  

Is it coincidence or what? I wonder... most of my dreams will actually happen in my waking life.


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