Turn to Allah

You know, i know, life is not always a bed of roses. Sometimes we have to face with so many uncertainties, trials & turbulence. Our life is most of the times are tested with so many things... work, people, families, marriages, money and so on.... never ending stories. No one, i think not even one soul is not tested with problems, difficulties in this life.... 

With all those trials we are facing, its shows how much Allah care for us..... it shows that Allah does not leave us alone in our affairs. Why do i say that.... because most of us during those trials,  will seek the help from our creator, the most powerful one... the one & only who can protect us, get us out from whatever situation we are in.... like it or not, after seeking elsewhere, we will finally seek THE ONLY ONE.... "Qul huwa Allahu ahad".... nowhere else we will turn, except to our creator.... no matter who you are or what religious you adopted....

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But the problem with most of us.... we only seek Him during our desperate hour. The time when we cannot handle it anymore, the time when we feel we had enough of this. We find Allah as our final resort.... we don't seek Him at the beginning of the problem arises.... Why???? Because of our lacking in taqwa & iman. Because we have no faith in Allah, because we think that we are so great, can solve our own problems without the help of the creator. Sometimes we think we did solve it ourselves, but most of the time, solving our problems ourselves without a guidance from Allah always lead us to another problems. Believe me it does.... maybe not immediately, because sometimes we only sees it when it is already bulked up.

We should always turn to Him... in good in bad, in happiness in sadness, in richer in poorer... so whenever we are facing with trials in our life, Allah's help will always come to us without we even ask for it.... because we never leave Him, we remember Him at all times of our waking life... so as He promised us, He will always remember us, guide us through no matter where life takes us.

May Allah blessed us all with His Guidance, His Mercy and with true understanding of His Deen. Aamiin.  


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