7 am already left the house for my appointment at HKL. The appointment was actually at 10 am. But I decided to go early hoping that, they will bring forward my appointment and I have to get my prescription too which almost finish.

Reached there about 8 am, had my dhuha prayer at the hospital mussola and collect my prescription. After that urgent to the ENT clinic for my appointment. I had to wait for more than 2 hours, only saw the doctor at 11.30 am. Hubby was laughing at me, cause the day before that I told him, my appointment normally very fast, half and hour already done.

After that met Mr Hubby and we had lunched together at the hospital cafe, since we don't have enough time to go out. Wow, I had to ride on a motorbike. Really it was a very long time since i rode on motorbike. We left our prescription at the counter and came back to collect it after lunch. I had my zohor prayer at the hospital  and after that fetched hubby and brought him to Selayang Hospital for his next check-up. It was raining in Selayang, heavy rain and strong wind. I waited in the car for awhile because parking is always a problem there. Than hubby asked me to go in. Initially we thought it was going to be a short visit only, but we had to wait and hubby only finish at 5 pm.

After that went straight home and around maghrib time, sent hubby back to collect his motorbike. Was really tired, whole day spending on waiting at the hospital. So I retired early, at 8.30 pm, my eyes were already heavy.

May Allah bless us with good health and under His guidance at all times. Aamiin.


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