Balik Kelantan 210917-230917

I was back to Kelantan on 21st. Sept. 2017 to visit my sick brother. I took an evening flight and stayed at my younger sister's place.

The next day we had breakfast at Kedai Nasi Kertas at my kampung, Kok Lanas and meeting my dearest classmate and also our relative. Wow, the rice was very nice. I am not sure, was the rice really nice or because of the place and the kampung environment make it taste good.

After breakfast we visited my sick brother who been diagnose with nerve cancer. He was weak and in pain. When I saw him, I can't help myself from shedding my tears. I pray to Allah to give him strength in facing His trials and may he recover as soon as possible, and may Allah ease all his affairs.

After Jumaat prayer, we went to my 2nd brother place. My sister in-law served laksa kelatan, laksa penang, ketupat and sira pisang. It was like hariraya celebration. I really eat a lot the laksa kelantan. Before that for lunch we had nasi dagang, my sister bought at the same place we had breakfast. 

After asar, we went to my stepmum's place. And of cos, eat again. My stepmum prepare fried meehoon and her speciality the teh tarik. 

Back to my sister's place, my sister bought satay for my brother and wife. Eat again.

Next morning, we had breakfast nasi kerabu daging singgang on the way to the airport, which was my first time having it. It was really yummy. 

My sister had to leave me at the airport, since she had to go to work. So I just laze, chill and relax while waiting for my 12pm flight back to Kuala Lumpur.

Reach Kuala Lumpur around 1.15pm, had my prayer and took KLIA Express to KL Central. From KL Central, I took LRT to Setiawangsa, from there I took a cab to my office to collect my car. The journey back to KL, I was actually so proud of myself, not depending on anyone at all, and use all the public transport all the way till my office.

Note : Really upset, found out the photos going back to Kelantan in the phone all has been accidently deleted. Second time this happened. 


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