Everytime when I wanted to throw my rubbish, I will have to walk under this jambu tree. And everytime, I saw a lot of rotten jambu in the drain. What I waste. 

The jambu tree was behind my block. Every evening few children playing under the tree and I wonder, the fruit does not interest them at all. Not like my generation, we will climb and sit on top of the tree, eat as much fruit as we can, ripe or not, all gone. But sad to see, children nowadays, really do not know how to appreciate nature and how to take advantage with all those little things which full of adventures and something to remember during old days. 

Pity the current generation, only gadgets for them to remember, what type of games they played. 

So this morning, when I walked under the tree, I tried to pluck the fruit, managed to get one, but when I turn to one side, it was already rotten, bitten either by bugs or birds. There are few big and ripe jambus. Later this evening, if I see any children under the tree, I will ask them to climb and get me the fruits. Or today's children do not know how to climb trees. 

I will make sure my two grandsons knows how to climb trees. 


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