Part 1

It was really dark outside. It was a very long journey to her hometown. She couldn't sleep. It was already 11.30 pm. Her three years old daughter was soundly asleep with her head on her lap. She looked at the small face, her tears started to fall again. She felt so guilty to the little girl on her lap. As a mother, she supposed to make her happy, not making her sad or rock her little world. 

She wiped her tears and covered the girl with a blanket provided by the bus company. She closed her eyes, trying to sleep. It was still long way to go before they reach their destination. The bus is expected to reach the destination at 6.00 am. All the other passengers were on their way to lala land or maybe already there, having good dreams. 

A week ago she found out about her husband's infidelity. That crushed her world. When she confronted him, he admitted to every bit of it. She felt like the sky fallen on her, she screamed, she cried, she hit him. She trusted him with all her life. She tried being a best of wife at her so young age. And he destroyed her world. Not just hers but also their little girl. 

For the whole week, her husband tried to console her. Admitting his mistake. Asked for her forgiveness. But she just couldn't accept it anymore. She was hurt, really hurt. Her heart broken into pieces. She just couldn't trust him anymore. Looking at him, she saw another woman's face. She felt cheated. All this while, every time he comes back late and told her that he had to work late, she believed him. And she will always waited for him for dinner, no matter how late he was. Now she found out that he was late because he was with someone else while she waited for him at home and hungry. 

Earlier that morning, she told him, she wants to go back to her hometown, bring her daughter along. He was against it, but she already decided. She needed to get away from him, to find out how she really feel about him. 

He sent her to the bus station. All the way to the bus station she was very quiet, she was numbed. Her heart felt so empty. Few times she noticed that her husband was looking at her, waiting for her to say something or change her mind. Their daughter at the backseat was just so excited to go back to mama's hometown to see the grandparents.

Finally she fell asleep and woke-up only when the bus reached its destination. She looked out at the window, searching for her father's face. She woke-up her daughter. The little girl opened her eyes and smiling, "are we here yet mama?"

"Yes darling, we are here... come lets go down and look for grandpa". The girl was so excited, climbed down from the seat and hold her mama's hand.

Outside the bus, they searched for the familiar face. She took a deep breath and released it slowly. She felt relieved. She saw her father, just a few steps away. Her father was smiling. And tears started to fall again. 


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