Hubby mentioned the night before that we might go for cycling the next morning. Wow, I was so excited that I can't even sleep. 

Early morning 5.30 am I woke-up and ready to meet hubby at Grand Continental Hotel. I was really excited and worried at the same time. Because I have not been on a bicycle, I think after left home and stayed at the hostel when I was 16 years old. Luckily the skill is still there, even though first few cycles, I couldn't control it. But then everything was okay. It was a very good experience, cycled around KL, early morning. I really enjoyed it so much. Hope can do this again. That is what I told hubby. 

Next thing, get a bicycle, yesterday was using hubby's son bicycle.

Anyway, lately has been very active, besides badminton, I have started walking and jogging. Looking forward to other activities.

And after cycling, we had breakfast and I was not prepared for a bad news but had to swallow it hard. 


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