DeepaVali with FamilY


Dearest youngest sister informed me that my younger sister & family are in KL. So decided to meet her at youngest sister's place. But she told me they are going to our little brother restaurant for dinner. So, me & my family decided to meet them there. 

So I left my house around 6.45pm and reached there around 8.15pm. I have not seen my sister for almost a year I think. I was lucky, my brother was celebrating his son's birthday, so dapatlah makan kambing bakar too. 

Almost 12 am, I left, because my stomach also not really good. 


Early morning I drove to Symphony Hills to have breakfast with my two sisters & daughter. We talked, we laughed... so many things to tell, catching-up. It was really a time well-spend. My sister, who initially planned to leave KL latest around 11 am, delayed it till 5 pm. Around 1.30pm we had lunch outside and then for the sake of the children, we had karaoke session pulak. 

Around 5 pm, we go separate ways.

Thank you sisters, brother, bro-in-laws, daughther, son-in-law, nieces & nephew and my two little grandsons. I really had a good time.

I thought my holiday would be stay home and be miserable. But alhamdullillah, Allah have better plan for me. 







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