This is what I love about my life now.... being a grandmother. Having two grandsons are really a blessing to me. When I have the opportunity to spend time with them, my God, it is always a time well spend. Looking at them, seeing them growing up. Every single time I meet them, sure there are new things I see, new words coming out from their mouth (but the younger one still in his baby talk, but he understand every single thing we tell him to do). 

The eldest one is growing so fast. With his english slange which always amaze us (don't know where he learn it, but I guess from TV programme) which sometimes very difficult for me to understand what he is saying. He is my number one, not that I am saying I adore the younger one less. Of cos I love both of them very much. But with the eldest one, I really have soft spot for him. Maybe because I was taking care of him during confinement period.  Anyway the younger one too, initially, when he was few months old, he did not want to be held by me, always cry. But he would stare at me, maybe wondering who is this beautiful old lady (just joking).

Yesterday and the night before spending time with both, I really cannot describe the feelings I have whenever I am with them, the joy, the happiness, it is so beautiful. Especially when both of them just want to sit on my lap (I mean both). Like yesterday, the younger one was playing with me, than he climbed on me to sit on my lap, but for awhile he decided to get down. Then the older one came and sit on my lap. When the little brother saw this, he came and immediately climbed over and find just a nice little space on my lap to sit. It was the most beautiful moments of being a grandmother. I would not trade for anything, this is priceless, no money can buy all this moments. 

And they will looked for me, if I am nowhere near them. The eldest one will say "where's nena", when he found me he will asked "what are you doing nena?". The younger one maybe in his own words and vocabs is asking me the same thing, I guess, especially when I am in the kitchen. And both will follow me into the room when I wanted to pray, sit and play together on the bed. My God, suddenly I am just missing them so much. 

I really hope, Allah will give me enough time to see them growing up, attending all the important event in their life. 

I pray to Allah, may this two boys Tengku Maqil Nafees and Tengku Mu'adz Nufayl will be an obedient and good children to Allah SWT and to both of their parents. May they are given iman and taqwa and have a good life here and hereafter. 

I love you both my dearest grandsons. 


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